How to put Advertisements on my Website

Putting on advertisements on your website and earning money from it is really simple and easy to do. The difficult part of earning money from your website is to get visitors visiting your website and allowing them to click on advertisements so that you earn money from it. This website has also placed advertisements powered by google adsense. In case you are wondering how to put advertisements on my website, then this post can get you started in really no time.

The first thing to do in order to earn money from your website is getting real visitors. The concept or idea behind your website is really one of the most important things as well. Yes there are many alternatives to google advertisements and you can even start your own advertisement concept and charge other websites or business providers to place a banner advertisement on your website. When placing advertisement links on your website, you will have to take care that it is displayed properly so that visitors can find that advertisement and possibly click on it. nofollow is another thing that needs to be catered to when placing advertisement links on your website.

In case you are running your website from india, then you might be required to wait for atleast 6 months to get approved by google for getting contextual advertisements on your website. Depending on your country the wait time to get approved from google can vary. Signup for a google adsense account and follow the screens. Once approved you will be able to get advertisements of different sizes. Google will put advertisement on behalf of customers paying to google using google adwords. In case you want to advertise using google infrastructure, you will have to create an account using google adwords. Depending on your website type and number of visitors to your website you can earn small to really huge money from your website.