How to get my lost money to sulekha classifieds

Yes i lost 11 k to sulekha classifieds and yes i did wasted time and efforts in doing business with Yes i had precited that this sale will not generate any revenue for me and i still went ahead with this so called business oppurtunity with sulekha classified and now i am complaining.

Nops i am not stupid, my biggest mistake was trust in sulekha classifieds representative. The representative promised 50 leads and a banner directly linking to my website and i trusted her. So trust was effectively my mistake which resulted in time, efforts and money lost to sulekha classifieds.

Lots of website advertisement works on trust and we do assume that whatever other person is saying is correct and will fully abide by it. We also do the same, we do respect our promises and abide by that. In this case i trusted the representatives and though that the website analytics tools may be giving wrong impresssion. So this was my mistake and i have paid for my mistake by loosing 11K, wasted ny time, efforts and numerous phone calls, all trying to get an update to why sulekha classifieds is not delievering whatever they promised??.

After 15 days of chasing these sulekha classifieds representatives in Pune, Mumbai and Chennai, i am done and i do not wish to again chase them begging to look into it and deliever whatever they promised.

Now i will start a new chaper in this sulekha classified scam. I paid money by depositing cash in ICICI Bank and yes ofcourse i do have receipt of the same. Now for Credit Cards, Debit cards and netbanking there is protection offered by the bank so that if some fraud happens, the bank intervens and helps the customer to get his/ her money back. I will enquire with the band whether there is any such protection offered for cash deposits as well? If they do have some sort of protection for cash deposits, i guess they will need some proof of my complaint and yes ofcourse i do have plent of emails with confirmation of delieverables from representative and other emails in which i tried my best to get an update and fix all this. Let’s see how it goes, yes i will add another post about that.

Now other thing i can do is go to consumer court or some other relative court to get my money back and probaly some compensation for stress they have caused to me and wasting my efforts and time. A slight problem here is that i do not live in chennai (i guess that is where their head quarters is) and i know that they would be smart enough to place a clause in their service agreement that all disputes will be resolved in their specified city. Now in order to go to that city and launch complaint with respective government body, it will again require efforts and ofcourse money for hotel stay etc.

It seems that in order to get my money back, i will have to spend more money for commuting to their city, will have to pay for the hotel stay, will have to leave all my current tasks and put efforts in getting my own money back from classifieds. Have never dealt with consumer court or other relative government body and obviously i am not aware of the procedure to be followed and number of days it will take me to get my own money back from

Yeah i am supposed to face all this because i trusted a sales person and did not trusted my knowledge and why these people think they are above the law or they can do anything. No more complaints to or sulekha classifieds people and no more wasting time on chasing these people, but i do need my money back.