How to get Donations for NGO or other Non Profit Organisations

Raising Donations for Non Profit Organisations or NGOs is the easiest of running an NGO. Yes people donate and lots of people donate online using their credit card, with PayPal Account and using other means as well. Getting Donations is really easy in case you are already running a non profit organisation helping out people or supporting some cause or anything else like that. In order to accept donations, all you need to do is reach out to people who donate. Whether you are looking forward to get donations for your NGO running in India or any other country, online donations are well supported by Governments and even Private Companies.

In case your organisation is indeed registered as a Non Government Organisation working for the community, the task of halfway done for accepting online donations. Just remember yes there are generous people and people out there in the world who actual care about helping others. Helping out people like helping poor people, imparting education, creating awareness and anything else does requires time, efforts and money. As an organisation in case if you are spending time and efforts, money can really flow in from people across the globe who do want to help out, but cannot spend time and efforts for your organisation.

Has your organisation got a website or even data collected which can portray what your organisation is doing to help out the community ? People who donate online sitting on their computers must be told what your non profit organisation or charitable organisation is doing, rough idea of how much money do you need, what you are going to do with the money, etc. Putting all that information on a website can let people know about the efforts you or your organisation is putting into.

Once you do have a website containing information about your NGO or other charitable organisation, getting donations is really easy. Every Website needs publicity and a way by which it can reach out to people willing to donate. Yes as you read this post, lots of money is being donated by people from across the globe. A Search Engine Optimised Website can get your lots of visitors and out of those visitors many people will donate. In simple words, more the number of visitors to your Non Profit Organisation or NGO, more the number of people willing to donate for the cause supported by your organisation and finally your organisation can get the required funds to carry out it’s operations and acceptance from people across the globe.

There are lots of Private Companies that are willing to support your organisation. Let’s start with the best search engine named as Google. Yes Google supports Non Profit Organisations, Non Government Organisations, Charitable Institutions in creating awareness.  Google Grants is the program run for helping out Organisations by Google. It provides free google advertisements every month to a maximum of $ 40,000 depending on the country of your organisation. In case your organisation is Registered in India, Google offers Free Advertisements for NGO, Non Profit Organisations, etc and of around 1.5 Lakh every month.

Once your organisation has been accepted for Google Grants, you would need a Payment Gateway Service for accepting Online Donations. Payment Gateways provide the functionality to accept online payments on your website and they charge a nominal fee on a per donation basis. Google Checkout is one such payment gateway which you can opt for. For NGOs or other Charitable Organisations registered in India, Google Checkout is not current available as Google Checkout has not been yet launched in India for business owners , websites, etc. There are some reports that Google Checkout is being launched in India in collaboration with TimesOfMoney. Indian NGOs or other Non Profit Organisations can accept donations using other Payment Gateways such as PayPal (Allows Only International Donations) which offers really low transaction fees for NGOs  and other organisations which are legally registered.

In many countries including India, Individuals and Companies get Tax Exemption for making donations. Many people have surplus money which they like to donate, many people just want to support their community and there are many more reasons for which people donate. In case you would like to have the functionality of accepting Online Donations on your existing or new website, do contact us and we can setup a search engine optimised website and get your organisation’s work communicated to the whole world. There is lots of monetary help available for Non Profit Organisations, NGO and other organisation and all you need to do is reach out people, have appropriate technical support and yes donations will arrive in your banks automatically.