How to Advertise on Sulekha

This post talks about how you can advertise on sulekha. This website is not affiliated with or any of their websites in whatsoever manner. Advertisement on is something which the author had considered and spent some time on writing few articles about the internet giant Given below information is unbiased post on how to advertise on, feel free to explore on your own and use this information for reference only.

I could find broadly 2 ways to advertise on sulekha website. The First one is advertise using google adwords. The most important benefit of advertising using google adwords is that you will be able to control your budget, control the country in which your advertisement should be displayed and other lots of control parameters provided by google adwords. Google for google adword placements and i guess you should be on your way to start your advertisement campaign really fast. Yes google has to approve your advertisement, but normally it should not be an issue and they do work really fast and you should be able to start your advertisement campaign in no time. In case you ace any difficulty, i assume you should be able to get help from google and sulekha employees free of cost.

Adevrtisement campaign on sulekha with google adwords can really help you to reach out lots of people who visit and their other sub domains like sulekha news, sulekha movies, etc. In case you are planning to launch bulk advertisement campaign, then i would say have a word with both companies, they might offer you a deal you may not be able to reject. I read an interview of the CEO of sulekha recently in which he said that sulekha gets 100 Million Page Views, so it seems advertising with sulekha with google adwords (Google Adwords is scattered all over main domain & sub domain) or some custom site wide advertisement campaign can get your product or services popular in no time. Yes of course it might cost you a really good amount of money from your pocket.

In case you are looking for some low cost advertisement with sulekha classified, then yes they offer low cost advertisement option as well. As this type of advertisement on sulekha will cost you less money, comapritively less number of visitors will be able to see your advertisement campaign. I wrote a post about advertisement on sulekha classifieds with some estimated number of visitors, you might wish to check it out at 620K Visitors for Sulekha Classifieds post.

In few words this low cost advertisement on sulekha classifieds can offer you banner advertisement in which your banner will be displayed at agreed category page and other option can be to be listed as preferred business in which you will receive an sms whenever a customer enquires about a service or product in your selected category and city. This website has another post which talks about popularity of sulekha in various cities, it might be helpful in your advertisement campaign on sulekha.

I am currently aware of only these two advertisement options, however i also read about site wise banner placement advertisement on sulekha. Have a word with Sulekha marketing people and they can best guide you with current advertisement options. This post about How to Advertise on Sulekha can be used only as reference purpose to give you a rough idea of what options you can have, what to look for before starting the advertisement with sulekha, sulekha popularity check in states, budget control, etc. Feel free to explore other posts in this website and you will find lots of useful information about online advertisement, search engine optimisation, seo tips and tricks and much more.