How Earns Money ? earns money primarily from advertisers. Advertisers pay money to either directly or indirectly. The author of this post is not associated with sulekha dot com and hence may not be 100% correct, however as we are talking about a website here and websites are supposed to be public and public information is accessible to everyone. In case you do read few more lines of this post, you will yourself understand all the ways by which sulekha dot com earns money.

Google Adsense is one of the money earning ways of sulekha dot ocm. Google Adsense allows website owners to display advertisements on their websites and when visitor clicks on advertisement displayed by google adsense, sulekha dot com gets paid. Advertisers place advertisement using google adwords and google displays advertisements on various websites out of which one is sulekha dot com. It is the decision of sulekha guys whether or not to display google advertisements, however as they provide free content like moview reviews, mobile reviews, provide free services, they display google ads so that they can earn money. In this method of payment, the advertisers pay google and google pays sulekha dot com to display advertisements and effectively an advertiser pay indirectly to sulekha dot com.

Sulekha dot com also takes money directly from advertisers by offering them business leads, sale of banners and may be some other ways as well. There are lots of complaints against sulekha dot com and still due to ignorance of indian advertisers, lots of people gets trapped into the prey of sulekha dot com and pay huge money for online advertisements. Sulekha Events, Sulekha Best Buy, Paid Classifieds are other ways in which sulekha dot com earns money. An advertiser can always contact sulekha guys to place his / her advertisement on sulekha websites and probably invite problems.