How Sulekha Classifieds can Cheat Advertisers

Sulekha Classifieds saw the website trend in 2009 and changed their advertising model from free advertisements to paid advertisements. They also switched to other related sections such as movies, food, music , etc.

Do Indian people like free things ? Well answer can depend on lots of things and everything which is free may not be good, however internet is something that is working by providing lots of free stuff, pulling crowd and showing content based advertisements. Effectively users get free content, advertisers get money from customers referred by website on which advertiser’s advertisement was displayed and website owner gets money in return of advertisement displayed for the advertiser.

At first it will seem like Sulekha Classified is doing the same thing. However if you look closely, there is real chances that sulekha classified can cheat on you by talking about false number of leads in previous months, cheap advertisement offers and other stuff with which they can misguide an advertiser and grab the money. Now a days websites can be made and promoted for really cheap prices and advertising on sulekha classifieds may not be worth your money, time and efforts.

In case you are thinking of advertising on sulekha classifieds not using google advertisements, then think about it and see if any of the given below things matter?

  • Does Sulekha Classifieds sales people have agreed and promised you of fixed number of leads in written?
  • Are they offering advertisements on free to try basis?
  • Are they forcing you to pay the whole money in advance or they are confident to accept your payment in monthly installments?
  • Are you sure you will get business from sulekha classifieds and if yes do you have some way to track the number of visitors, customers, etc?
  • Are you aware that only small percentage of visitorsto sulekha, actually visit sulekha classifieds?

Writer of this post lost money to sulekha classifieds as they promised false number of leads and they are not willing to return money. You could be a next victim to sulekha’s trap, do all your homework, consult with people, look for alternatives and still if you wish to advertise on sulekha classified, just remember that only god will be able to help you apart from the option of fighting court case against sulekha classifieds. If you google around for sulekha classified cheating cases of complaints, you will find numerous ways in which sulekha classifieds can easily chaet you, waste your time, money and efforts.