Google Webmaster Tools Explored

This post explores features provided by Google Webmaster tools. Yes there is a lot into these free SEO tools that can get you good ranking in organic search results as per your requirements. .com is the most popular domain extension and many times visitors to websites are often expecting a .com domain in search results. In case you want to promote a website in a particular country and you still want to use a .com domain, google webmaster tools can be of help where you can setup your preferred geographical location. In case you do setup a preferred country for your .com domain, it will take few days for google to set preferred country for your website and yes they will send you a confirmation email,  once the changes are applied to your domain and hence website.

Google Webmaster tools is the place where you can submit , verify and monitor your xml sitemap. In case you submit your xml sitemap to google without webmaster tools and verification, you website will still be listed in google , however you will not be able to see really useful information about your website from a webmaster perspective. Google Webmaster tools also provide insight into how many times your website was displayed for various search queries or keywords. In technical terms you will be able to see you website’s impressions and clicks. Yes number of impressions (or the number of times your website was displayed in search results) will be higher than actual number of clicks. This will also help you to understand on which keywords, you can put more efforts and which keywords are performing well in google search results.

Google Webmaster Tools is totally free to use and it can even tell you about problems found in your website like 404 errors (URL not Found Error), Duplicate Title Tags and lots of other website debugging information. In case you do have your website as a wordpress blog, the google webmaster tools will inform you about updates available for WordPress and i am sure google webmaster tools will also give you updates related information for other types of website architectures, but yes this needs to be confirmed. Google + 1 Statistics, Incoming Links to your website, most common words on your website (or keywords), information about internal links and much more is there for you in google webmaster tools. In case above information is too much technical or you would like to hire professionals to look into all this information about your website, you can contact us and we can provide you all the required Search Engine Optimization services at affordable prices.