Google Trends for Websites

Google trends for websites is a traffic analytics tool from google. It provides a rough estimate for any given domain or subdomain. Have a look at the given below sample website analysis done by google trends. If you look closely you will notice that google trends say that is most popular in India and is not popular in other countries. 
Traffic Analysis for popular only in India. Google trends will show you popularity of the given website according to country and state. The figure to the top shows that is popular only in India and the figure below depicts the states in which it is popular. Now this information can be really useful for advertisers or webmasters looking forward to advertise on  

 Traffic Analysis of by Google Trends Domain Analysis for

  The Traffic analysis by google trends here gives you realtive analysis. In case you use google trends for websites by signing onto your google account, it will even show you rough numbers that can be helpful to analyse traffic data of a website. You can even compare traffic of different websites using google trends for websites.

Google trends can be used to analyse subdomains as well apart from domains of a website. This website will post more details and traffic analytics for the example website ( so as to give you a good idea of how analytics tools work and you can compare results offered by different analytics tools. In case you would like to know differences between domain and subdomain from search engine perspective, do have a look at domain and subdomain comparison post of this website.