Google Alerts – A Powerful SEO Tool

Google Alerts is a really powerful SEO tool that can really help you to promote your website and find out what other websites are doing. The Google Alert system requires you to specify the keyword for which you wish to receive alerts on your email id. The email alerts can be configured to be delivered to your email id as they happen or once a day, etc. You can also define the number of alerts for your specified keyword.

In order to explore the power of this SEO Tool, you can configure your target keyword and let google inform you automatically whenever the search engine finds something new about that keyword. In case you specify some website domain name (may be your competitor), then i guess you will receive alerts whenever that website gets mentioned on any page on the internet. These alerts can give you a rough idea of how a website is promoting it’s content or for a specific keyword, what is happening on internet. Give it a try and configure a domain name or few keywords and let google deliver you the alerts at your email id so that you can get most out of your Search Engine Optimisation Efforts.