Free Website (Domain and Hosting) from Google for Indians

Indians can now get free website from google for full one year. Yes when it comes to websites, the domain & hosting fee are not very much and there are good chances that. Now google understands this and invites indian people to put in their efforts and create their own website. Creating Websites is not very difficult and costly & now google provides domain name & free website hosting so that indians can get started and get online. India Get your Business Online is the phrase that they use to promote this free website and domain offer.

This Free Website offer by google is for one year and provide indians a .in domain and free web hosting. Although website created using this free offer from google can be made really quick with various tools provided by google, you would still need to do the appropriate search engine optimisation and compete with your competitors, in case you do want some visitors from search engines. Yes a free website is actually not free as it requires you to put in your time and efforts. More importantly you would need to do the appropriate SEO so that your website can be found using search queries. However if you do have a well established business and want to go online, you might not have time or inclination towards creating free website & might prefer some website developers / designers. In case you do have enough time , get the benefit of this google offer and save yourself on one year domain name and hosting price.