Free Online Classified Advertisements – Why and How?

Yes there are many online free classifieds websites which allow visitors to post free advertisements, sell their products or services, look for rental house, find guest house and anything else you can think of. In case you are wondering how these free online classifieds websites work and why do they allow users to post free advertisements, continue to read on. This post will unravel the secrets behind free online classifieds websites, many times known as yellowpages, online classifieds, free advertisements, etc.

The main thing to understand about websites is that every website represents the efforts humans have put in. More the human effort, bigger the website and bigger is the income. A Free Online Classified website represents efforts of the software company which can developed the website and the efforts of people who have placed their advertisements on the online classified website.

As a free advertisement website / portal attracts more humans as compared to a paid advertisement website or portal, this free website in turn becomes a money making machine for the software company. Most of the free websites place google advertisement all over their website and offer custom advertisement solutions to make money. As more and more people prefer to visit free website to place online advertisements, various search engines such as google etc list pages of such websites in top results and hence attracts more and more visitors.

For an analogy, imagine a free classifieds website to be similar to google (which is also a free website and earns money using advertisements). The next time you wish to promote your product or services, google with related keywords in google and find out which website people are likely to visit when looking for your target products , services or related products.