Free Google Advertisements for NGO in India

Yes Google offers free advertisements for various organisations in India which are either Charitable Institutions, Public Charitable Trusts, or other companies under section 25 Act. In case you are working for a company registered under 25 Act, then this is the opportunity to get much needed attention from internet users. Google offers free advertisement using Google Adwords and the amount is around $ 3000 or around Rs 1.5 Lakhs per month. Yes that’s a really big amount and can be utilised to get people involved with your organisation for various community services for poor or other needy people in India.

Charitable Institutions help community in a great way and seems like Google is doing it’s bit really well. Advertisements on Google amounting to Rs 1.5 Lakhs and that too every month can significantly help your institution. Awareness about your organisation and help from people all across the globe can be seriously utilised in a brilliant way. You can accept online donations, get volunteers for various tasks, allow donors to enjoy the tax benefits of the donations, reach out to the whole world and much more. Getting Google Grant is totally free to apply and in case your organisation does fulfils the required legal formalities, you will never have to look for spending money on advertisements and can concentrate on activities done by your organisation.

In case your organisation is facing issues related to money, then this can be a really big time opportunity to get noticed not only in India but on a global level. There are lots of Indians all across the globe who donate for charitable events and organisations. Free Advertisements on Google for NGOs and other Organisations can do wonders for your company. This can help people looking forward to donate to India or Indian Organisation, can help the organisation to expand their community tasks and ofcourse when visitors come to your website, you can convey your own messages to them. Google Grants is a really big opportunity to get noticed and is one of the easiest ways to raise money for good cause. There are private companies like which provide publicity or help to only rich organisations, however google is not doing any sort of partiality for rich or poor organisations. Search for Google Grants and check out whether your organisation can get the grant for free, let your organisation be noticed, reach out to people willing to help or donate and carry out the cause served by your organisation to help your community from India, America, France or any other place in the world. In case you would like to get some technical help in applying for this Grant for your Organisation or for managing the Google Adwords campaign, you can contact us and we can provide all the related facilities for your organisation and your website.