Create Website with Domain & WebHosting

Promoting business online now a days is as simple as getting a domain registered and getting an appropriate webhosting. Domain Name is the name which people can type into their browser and visit your website. There are different types of Domain Names available out there which you can purchase. International domain names end with a .dom just like this website You can even get a national domain name like .in or etc. or .in domains depict that the business or service is from india.

In order to get your business promoted online there are lots of ways. Many of such promotional ways require you to have a website and others work without a website as well. In case you do not want to spend money on creating a website by buying a domain name and webhosting, you can go with free options like wordpress or blogspot. This website has been created by paying in for the domain name and webhosting as well and finally it is running on the wordpress.

Domain Name and WebHosting is now a days really cheap. For Domain Name you have to pay annual fee and for hosting , you can pay monthly or even yearly. Hosting is required for a website so that you can upload your files, images, videos , etc which people can view. Hosting generally comes in two flavours , i.e. Windows Hosting and Linux Hosting. WordPress requires Linux Hosting and many other frameworks work on Windows Hosting as well. In case you do want to promote your website online, create a website with domain and hosting and let your visitors know what all you offer