Cheated by Sulekha dot com ?

Have you been cheated by Sulekha dot com ? and wondering what you can do ? In case you can just let your efforts and money just slip away and you want to forget about that, i guess that would be the easiest thing to do. In case you want your money back or you want to raise your voice through internet so that other indian and non indian people are not cheated, it can be really tough job to do.

In case you have been cheated by Sulekha sales employees for advertising in Sulekha YelloPages or Sulekha Classifieds using good communication skills, by luring you into huge business that you are about to get, promotion for your website, misusing your credit card information or anything else, trust me you are not alone. Yes there are hundereds of people cheated by sulekha employees daily and if you google around for sulekha review or sulekha complaint, you will be able to find stories for various other people who have been cheated as well.

Sulekha dot com is run under the name of Sulekha New Media Pvt Ltd and as far as internet says the CEO of the company is Satya Prabhakar. It seems like Satya Prabhakar is only accessible to news and print media for giving interviews about sulekha websites, teaching marketing skills , etc. Do you think Satya Prabhakr would google around to find out whether is there a single business that has been cheated by Sulekha staff. I suppose at sulekha everybody has learned only how to make money, and forget about advertisers or other business partners.

In case you have been cheated by sulekha, it is really less time consuming to forget about it as sulekha dot com is known for cheating and they really good at it. Internet says that they have around 600+ employees, so there is really no chances that you can win against sulekha, tell them about the fraud that they have done with you, get your money back and forget about compensation. Just forget the whole cheating stuff, concentrate on other ways to promote your business and get the most out of it.

However if you have been cheated by Sulekha and are ready to face the war against sulekha, remember that it is really tough and only 99% impossible. Yes there are 1% chances that Sulekha employees will hear your woes and will consider giving back your money. Are you still thinking about some compensation for the financial loss that a single meeting or phone call with sulekha sales execute gave you? You know what, anything can happen and be positive, miracles do happen. Author of this post has submitted the complaint or grievance to consumer court and has created this awareness blog with google advertisements. Yes i also tried my best to communicate with sulekha customer care, tell them about the false promises made, etc, but you know what, now i feel that i was just wasting my time. Sulekha Customer Care was only available to me untill i was not a customer and now since i am a customer for Sulekha New Media Pvt Ltd run Sulekha dot com, the customer care is not for me. In case you have been cheated by Sulekha as well, have a look at what i have done, google around, find a new way and tell us all about how you got cheated by Sulekha and how you got your money back and possibly compensation for financial loss, time & efforts loss, etc.