Cash on Delivery in India

Cash On Delivery has been really popular in various other countries and many sites are offering this payment method for delivery of various goods. Indians have been buying products by visiting the shop, looking at various products, comparing them and then finally deciding on to buy the selected product. Shopping Online is a widely accepted in western countries and is catching up in India as well. However for first time shoppers, the Cash on Delivery is making up it’s way to indian people and enhancing trust and confidence in Internet based shopping.

When an Internet based company offers cash on delivery for it’s products, the company establishes trust in the customer that he / she is supposed to pay only when appropriate product is received. Flipkark is one such company selling various electronic products such as mobiles, cameras and other electronic gadgets using this payment method new to indians. Flipkart is promoting this payment method using TV advertisements, using strong delivery network, original warranty and even documented return policy. Pizza delivery works on cash on delivery and many of the indians would have ordered pizza from Dominos pizza or some other providers, and now there is almost everything available to shop using this payment method.

Once Companies offering Cash on Delivery or COD in short establishes trust in customers and customers start trusting companies in return, internet based shopping can be as good in India as in other countries. Opening up a shop in best location in a city requires lots of money apart from staff salaries. Property rate in center of the city is really huge as compared to any other place in the city. Internet based shopping also allows customer to dig deep into technical specifications and even compare products. Yes the old traditional prepaid method of online shopping is being run by many internet based companies like Sulekha Mobiles and Cash on Delivery is catching up really fast in India. For how long this Cash on Delivery trend will continue is not easy to say, but if companies can save on property rates, provide best services to customers and customers in turn get good service at affordable price, there is no reason that the Cash on Delivery will stop or to improvise Internet based Companies can start offering discounts to people who pay in advance. Yes there are Laws in India that prohibit companies from cheating customers, but availing the benefits of Indian Laws can be a time consuming task and if companies are confident of their products and are offering Cash on Delivery, it can be a great opportunity to buy products with confidence.