Can Sulekha Advertisement give you some business ?

Planning to spend some money on placing advertisements on Sulekha website? and expecting some revenue / business in return ? Yes that’s a great thought, but let it be only thought for now. Before making this thought of placing advertisement on sulekha yellowpages or any other part of sulekha website, would’nt it be great to find out whether sulekha is giving business to anybody else?

First of all visit sulekha website, navigate to the category page where you are planning to put the advertisement. Now find out whether any business in listed currently for that specific category. In case there are no businesses listed for that specific category, you may be in luck or you are going to loose your money. In case nobody is listed as preferred business / service provider in your selected category, then you need to ask yourself, why the hell nobody is there? Answer to that question may be that no visitor needs that type of service from sulekha yellowpages. In case you have valid proof that people are looking for business or service providers of that specific category, you may have found gold, go ahead on your own rick and invest your money. In any case it might not harm spending few more minutes finding about sulekha complaints, reviews and the sulekha customer support and finally if you are 100% sure, just remember, you are on your own.

Going ahead to place a banner advertisement or buying preferred business status for full one year??,  given below are few things that you might need to consider before placing an advert on sulekha.

  • Is anybody else getting valid business leads from Sulekha and is happy about that. In case any of the listed business provider has a website, you can visit that website and find out using free SEO tools whether visitors do come to that website or not? Other option can be to call that service provider and ask whether Sulekha is giving them some leads and if yes how many and whether they get converted to customers or not? Yeah this can be difficult and may not be viable in many scenarious, but it is good to keep  eyes open, is’nt it?
  • How many preferred business providers are listed currently, as for every lead, sulekha is going to send an alert to everybody and hence you will have competition from other business providers.
  • For every business lead, you will be responsible to contact the potential customer by telephone or email id. This will be done by all other preferred service providers as well and hence the potential customer will have lots of options to choose from and you will have to face tough competition.
  • As you one of the business or service provider, the potential customer will be in full control and if there are many business / service providers in your selected paid category, there are good chances that many times your efforts might fail. It is like Sulekha places a ball in the middle of n number of players and only one player can get the ball, so you must be ready for tough competition.
  • Is Sulekha Customer Support offering some sort of refund policy or your money will be gone even if sulekha group does not provides you a single lead?
  • Remember that on almost every page of Sulekha website, there are banner advertisements from google or sulekha to earn money for sulekha & yes they want the visitor to click on the advertisement and go away from sulekha website to get their desired service / business.