BuySellAds Review

In this post i will write about review. This online advertisement portal offers flat rate banners on a recurring payments basis. As a advertiser you can browse through available websites where you can buy ads. For every publisher’s site which accepts online advertisement, you will be able to see estimated number of impressions, asking cost of the banner placement, available sizes of banners and placement. This comprehensive information about the banner sale will give you complete control over your advertisement campaign.

In case you are planning to target a specific country, you would need to use other analytics tools to determine in which country the website is popular. Let’s say for example, the website is popular in India only¬†and not in other countries. This information can be found using available analytics tools such as google trends, alexa, and other analytics tools available on internet.

Once you are happy with the cost, size of the banner and placement of the banner, you can go ahead, create or get the banner created from your designers and register with an account on The Payment methods accepted are PayPal, Credit or Debit cards etc. With PayPal, you will need to add as an authorised vendor who can deduct amount from your account every month for the banner placement. You can also depoit extra funds into your account or configure it so that next month, the banner does not gets renewed automatically.

Dashboard of Advertiser's Account

Advertise your banner for a fixed rate on a monthly basis

Yes the control panel offered by for advertisers is really great and it will give you banner impression count and click count. In case you do use google analytics to track the number of visitors to your website, you will be able to verify the number of clicks in your google analytics account as well. also allows you to add multiple banners for the same advertisement spot, so that if required you can change the graphics and review how your banners perform on the advertised website.

In a nutshell this review of says it is a great place to advertise your business. You will find lots of popular blogs at generating good revenue, yes the show how many advertisement spots are available and how many are already taken, etc. It is really worth having a look, i guess the only thing that is missing from is the information / name of the country on which you are going to put your banner advertisement. Let’s say you wish to publicize your website in India, then number of impressions and cost together are not sufficient to decide which would be the best website onto which you should place your banner advertisement. Go ahead and explore other analytics tools presented in this blog to know how you can get most out of your advertisement on or any other related website.