Buy from Sulekha Deals and pray to God

Looking to buy something from Sulekha Deals ? Are you supposed to start your prayers to GOD for that ? Yes it seems like Sulekha Deals is making mockery of internet shopping with their improper infrastructure. Seems like bosses at thought that we have so many visitors why not to sell products ? Yes they had a great idea due to which they decided to launch Sulekha Deals but seems like they failed to pay due consideration to the idea and they still following the year old idea.

The first shocking thing you will notice when buying any product from Sulekha Deals is that they are offering 100% refund in case they fail to ship the order uptill a specified date. Does Sulekha Deals partners have those products or they are just bluffing ? In case they are not sure, whether they will be able to deliver the products, why they are selling the products ? Another shocking information you can get about Sulekha Deals is that is not the one who is selling products, actually some vendor(s) whose names and identities are hidden are delivering the products according to the Sulekha Deals terms and conditions.

Sulekha Deals is something like pay the money, will try to find out whether they can send you the products, you keep on waiting (and may be start your prayers to God), keep on waiting and expecting that your items bought on will arrive. In case vendor(s) of are not able to deliver the products you bought or may be they do not have that particular item in their stock or may be something else, you will be given your money back. Yes the author might be incorrect in guessing the sales & service policy or Sulekha Deals, but could not have courage to actually order an item from sulekha deals.

Author prefers a vendor who tells that whether the product is in stock or not. It is not a good idea to just accept orders and then look whether there are products in stock which have been sold already. As of on this date, Sulekha Deals is not displaying any information whether a product is in stock or not, they neither disclose the identity of the actual vendor atleast before making the purchase, no user comments are there about any given product or what experience he / she had by shopping on sulekha deals or even review about a given product. Yes these small things can be really helpful when doing online shopping.

Other Online Shopping Websites (FlipKart, etc) are much more sophisticated. Most of the websites tell how many items of a given product are in stock, what are the deliver time scales, they even display reviews from actual users or even from people who bought the item. As we do not get a face to face chat with Online Vendors and many times we may not know from which physical location, they are going to send us the products, information about availability of the products is really necessary information when doing online shopping.

An Online Shopping Website which tells upfront that yes they have the product in stock and it will reach your address in a predetermined duration is much more better than site such as Sulekha Deals which seems to be saying like, buy the product and if not delivered, take back you money, you have wasted your time and efforts, now either forget about that product or buy it from somewhere else.

There is probably another gotcha with Sulekha Deals. Yes the author is not sure about that, but it was there on’s terms and conditions. Do visit Terms and Conditions of the Sulekha Deals (Open any product offered by Sulekha Deals, navigate to the bottom of the page and locate the Terms and Condition Link) and search for the word Voucher. As per author’s understanding (yes i may be wrong, take your own decision on that or call Sulekha Customer Care for confirmation) Sulekha Deals is accepting Money and in return is giving you some virtual entity named as Voucher. In case the last line of this paragraph stands true, then legally speaking you are paying money to sulekha deals and buying voucher. No idea about what a voucher is on Sulekha Deals, but later the terms and conditions of Sulekha Deals say that the buyer is responsible to redeem that voucher against some product(s) from the seller. Now who is the Seller on Sulekha Deals ? Author could not find information about this mysterious Seller on Sulekha Deals. These legal words save in case something goes wrong with the purchase made on sulekha deals, but puts the buyer in jeopardy. In case there would have been information about Seller on Sulekha Deals & user(s) review about the products sold by this buyer, the buyer would had a chance to decide whether to buy from a given vendor or not .

Online Shopping has evolved a lot from what it was few years back. Now a days most websites sell their products with confidence, provide interaction between buyer and seller, display user review about the seller or products, provide cash on deliver, provide dedicated customer support, many websites provide related information information, suggests related products, tell clearly whether a given product is on stock or not before making the purchase and lots of advanced features that actually help shopping online. Looking for Sulekha Deals Alternative for well informed online shopping or you would go ahead with offered Deals ?