Block Unwanted Advertisements

Advertisements on internet websites provides revenue to the website. Free Content or Information provided by various websites infact is powered by the revenue generated from advertisements. Internet users have also accepted the significance of advertisements and yes many times they can be really handy and useful when you are searching for some information and an advertisement offers the products or services that might be of use to you. Lots of websites display advertisements on their websites powered by google adsense. Yes this website is displaying google advertisements as well. The advertisements displayed on this website are powered by google advertisements which provide the required funds to keep this website running, pay for the domain name and hosting charges. Without advertisements, internet would not have been a such a big place and the level of information currently available for free would not have been available.

Many times websites display too much of advertisements for visitors to a level that visitor often looks for ways to disable or block the advertisements. Various advertisements have been related with malware or even virus on the visitor’s computer. With increased security, wide choice of browsers and Advertisement Blocking software applications, internet is becoming a relatively safer place to browse for. Outdated browser plugins often make browser vulnerable to malware and other security threats. Yes in case you do have some browser plugins installed , make sure that you do have the updated version or you know how to disable plugins in your browser. A Popup Advertisement can provide useful product / service and at the same time it can be really annoying.

In case you want to block advertisements on your browser or even on all the browsers installed on your Windows Computer such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc, this post can be really useful to you. Blocking of advertisements on all browsers can be done in many ways. In order to block advertisements on all browsers without installing any software, you would need to update your hosts file. The hosts file is located typically in C:WindowsSystem32driversetc and does not have an extension. The hosts file is a simple text file containing list of domains and an ip address. In order to block websites which serve unwanted advertisements, appropriate domain names are entered in the hosts file along with an ip address that does not exist or is not reachable from your computer. Once the hosts file has list of domains you wish to block, all you would need to do is just log off from your computer and login back and you will get a really safer computer, less advertisements and your bandwidth usage will be comparatively less as compared to without an ad blocking hosts file. Now where to get a hosts file which can block advertisements on your computer on all browsers ? Are you supposed to create such hosts file or you can download such a hosts file from internet ? Yes you can download a hosts file, save it to your computer and that’s it, no need to install any advertisement blocking software or worry about installing the ad blocker software on multiple browsers on your computer.

In order to download a hosts file which can block unwanted advertisements on your computer on all browsers and make your computer safer, open up your favourite search engine (like google or bing etc) and search for block ads hosts file. This search can make your computer safer, protect your computer from malware, block unwanted advertisements and yes it can really reduce your broadband or internet usage in terms of actual data transferred from your computer to internet and vice versa. Download the hosts file and save it to the location specified in the above paragraph.  Yes the website from which you download the hosts file will also give you detailed instructions to use the updated hosts file. This updation of hosts file would require admin rights and access to the folder specified and will affect all the users configured on your computer. A Website blocked by hosts file from one user account will not be accessible to any other user as well. Author of this post tested blocking of advertisements on and yes it worked like a charm. There were much less advertisements displayed and author was able to navigate with much less advertisements.