Banner Advertisement on Sulekha

Planning to advertise a Website on using a Banner ? Irrespective of the products or services offered by your or your company, this post can really educate you and help you to understand how to get the most out of your banner advertisement on or any other website. offers banner advertisements to paying customer and depending on which segment of visitors to you want to target, they may charge you differently.

Either you can trust Employees and go ahead with the Banner Advertisement, Pay them the required Money and and wait for business to come or you can take control of few things. In case you have already paid for a banner advertisement on and wondering whether actually you are getting some business from banner advertisement placed on , this post can be helpful as well. Whether you are looking forward to get a new contract with for some sort of advertisement or wondering whether you should renew any existing banner advertisement on, read on and know how you can understand what’s happening actually and how many visitors / customers are being sent to your website by

The very first thing you must have is a report to tell you how many visitors were being sent to your website from In case you do have a website and you do not receive any sort of website report displaying the number of visitors to your website, then you are seriously missing a great deal of information. Efforts / Money spent on Website Development Creation, Publicity and other type of efforts can be evaluated in a better way if you do have a report displaying the number of visitors to your website, location of visitors, whether visitor is coming from or from any other website ? In case you are going forward to buy or renew a banner advertisement with, ask to yourself, whether a website visitors report would do any good ? Will this website report help you understand  whether money spent on Sulekha Banner Advertisement is worth spending and even if you are not planning to advertise your website on , having a visitors report is worth spending efforts. Contact Us to get website report configured for your website or have a look at given below sample website report screenshots.

Given below Website Report is for Visitor Location. It actually tells lots of things about visitors to a website. First of all the website report given below tells how many visitors to the website were from India. This Website Report then drills down to the city of visitors, which in given case says that the website is had the largest number of visitors from Banglore, the visitors report then says that after Banglore, the website is popular in Chennai and so on. This Visitor Report is only for India and another page displays the number of visitors from other parts of the world. This is only one report out of many possible reports your website can give to you.

Visitor Report of a Website

Visitor Report of a Website Showing Location of Visitors

Visitors to a Website come from broadly 3 sources i.e. Search Engines, Referring Sites and Direct Visitors. Have a look at the given below website report which tells that the website receives most of the visitors from search engines. The Search Engines are Websites like Google, Bing, Yahoo and other Search Engines in which user searches for some words and then they visit the website. This type of website report is very much detailed further down and can tell you how many visitors are coming to your website from banner advertisement on . Visitors to a website can be potential customers and depending on your website design, products, services and other factors can actually become customers. A Banner Advertisement on or any other website can only give you visitors. In case you do have a banner advertisemnt running on, do you know how many visitor the banner is sending to your website ? In case you do not have an idea of the number of visitors to your website, a report can tell you whether to renew your advertisement with or look for some better place to advertise your website.

Traffic Sources for a Website

Report Displaying Number of Visitors to a Website and identifying Sources

These Website Reports are now a days really sophisticated and can help you make advertising decisions. In case you are spending on website advertisement, these types of website reports are worth spending time and efforts. Lots of companies like BuySellAds tells you how many times your banner will be displayed and charge you on a monthly basis. A well informed advertising decision can save you lots of time and efforts and of-course can give you great deal of business. may be having some sophisticated reports as well about number of times your banner was displayed and how many visitors were sent to your website from your banner advertisement. In case does not have such banner report, you can get above website analysis reports integrated to your website and take full control of your advertisement efforts and money spent.