Any Advertiser Satisfied with Advertisements ?

Look for complaints and you will find lots of them online. Most of the advertisers running small business do not write about false promises and cheatings. In case there is no advertiser satisfied with advertisements then how this website is still running , making money, giving huge salaries to employees, creating jobs and still making profit ?

Whether is making profits or not is something that an outsider might not know or understand. In case you do look online for advertiser saying good words about, you might not find anybody. Yes in case you do look for sulekha complaints, you will find many. As runs multiple websites with multiple advertisements such as google adsense and propriety advertisement offers, they might be still in profit.

As a small business owner, advertising on is something that many of them repent. After loosing money to, everybody tries to get their money back, but seems like do not have a refund policy. Apart from cheating small business owners, is making people loose interest in online advertisements. puts on contextual google advertisement on their webpages, so a potential customer looking for some product or service is more likely to connect to an advertiser putting in advertisements using google adsense instead of proprietary advertisements. In case you are still looking forward to advertise on sulekha, do find out whether is there anybody satisfied with services or everybody is complaining about it and then make your decision.