Another Sulekha Complaint to the list of existing Complaints

This post talks about a complaint against sulekha classifieds. Now if i search google for sulekha complaint, i do find other complaints against sulekha classifieds. Yes ofcourse i did not googled for complaints against before placing an advertisement order on sulekha classified and now i lost my money. The total amount of the banner advertisementw as around 22 thousand and i paid half in advance. Yes it is a great deal of money and yes i do not like that my money has been eaten by sulekha classifieds and practically speaking they have wasted my time, efforts and money.

In case you are still reading, this complaint post against sulekha and other posts on this website regarding sulekha classifieds can enhance your knowledge about websites. I have published unbiased review of sulekha classified as well and indeed there are other posts which tell how to analyse traffic of a website, find out backlinks of a website and there are many other posts to come which can be really useful when doing search engine optimisation tasks.

As of writing this post i have written to various people of about a disputed banner sale (worth around 22K), which has currently value of zero rupees to me. Apart from eating my money, has wated my efforts and yes increased my phone bill due to numerous calls made to various employees of requesting to look into the matter. The Call Center telephone number which is advertised as free number to ring was 90% of the time busy or no body picked up the phone.

I paid 11 K to icici bank account by cash around 15 days back. Before receiving the payment, sales person was really interested in the business, said that last month they received 50 enquiries for my are of business and the day i deposited the payment things changed really drastically. Nobody was really interested in completing my order and for full 1 week they did’nt even cared to update me about the technical problem they were having in order to fulfill my order. Although they promised 50 leads, i didnt even recieved a single lead even after 10 days. Now they do not care to reply to my emails and ofcourse i am supposed to forget about my time , efforts and money.