Another Complaint against Sulekha goes to Consumer Court

Finally after strugglinng with Sulekha dot com staff, the complaint finally makes way to consumer court. Submitting the complaint to consumer court was really easy and the consumer court staff was really helpful to accept the complaint against sulekha’s inappropriate business methods. On internet if i search for consumer complaints against sulekha , i find that there are lots of people complaining about sulekha for false number of leads, incorrect methods employed to take money from business vendors, however hey all you people out there, you need to understand that internet complaints are meant to create awareness only.

In case you have been cheated by sulekha dot com, you need to submit the complaint to appropriate consumer court so that appropriate action can be taken. Submitting the complaint against sulekha was really easy and all they needed was 3 copies of the complaint to be submitted to them written on a blank piece of paper. I wrote my complaint using a document editor, took printout & went to the consumer court office. The Consumer court staff informed that my complaint cannot be processed in this month as they have already gathered all the complaints for this month and they will be able to process the complaint in the next month.

Even if consumer court processes the complaint against sulekha next month , i will be more than happy. They asked me to make another two copies of the complaint so that they can send in one complaint in the form of notice to sulekha head office and keep one copy for their records and finally the third copy was given back to me after attestation so that i have also a proof that the complaint was submitted to the consumer court. The Consumer Court staff also informed me that when in next month, they will send a notice to sulekha, they will also intimate by mail and i will also know the progress of the case against sulekha’s inappropriate behaviour.

In the complaint, i narrated what all wrong these sulekha guys have done, how much money i have paid, on which date i have paid, etc. In the complaint i provided my mailing address, my telephone number and my email address. Let’s see how it all goes, now the ball is in the court of consumer court and they are the only people to which sulekha staff will respond.

Hey you all business people who have been promised by sulekha and have cheated you, voicing your complaint on internet is not enough to get justice. You would need to spare some time, find out the address of the consumer court office in your city, take a piece of paper, attach the payment proof, attach any communication with sulekha promising you leads or whatever they have promised you and give it to the consumer court. On internet not everybody raises voice and hence there are lots of people out there who have been cheated by sulekha dot com. Let’s raise our voice on internet, understand that sulekha yellowpages and classifieds is just a scam to gather as much money as possible and then leave the customers whose money has been taken and find new people interested in advertising. I am positive that if all the complaints against sulekha goes to a chennai court or any other single court, the judge and other government staff will understand that sulekha dot com are a bunch of cheaters and a general public must be given justice.