Advertise on Sulekha or Get your Own Website

Are you looking to advertise on sulekha classifieds by paying in some money? In case yes, then spending few minutes on this website can be really helpful and will tell you all the information you must know and sulekha employees will not tell you. This website also has lots of information about search engine optimisation related stuff. Finally this post will also talk whether you should have your own website created and optimised instead of advertising on sulekha yellowpages or other business to business models.

Let’s say you provide computers on rent in mumbai and you want to attract more customers. For a moment think about yourself as potential customer browsing internet and interested in renting a desktop computeror laptop in dadar. There are good chances that you will open up and will search for something like rent laptop dadar or rent computer in mumbai, etc. Now open your favourite browser and visit to search engine and search for any of the search words as outlined in the last sentence. What do you see?, Do you see any of the Sulekha links listed?

27% of visitors to sulekha look for movie reviews or want to just browse latest news and hence do not be amazed by popularity of the website. Concentrate on your own business and only then spend money on advertisements on sulekha classifieds or any other part of the business portal.

After searching on internet for your desired search words (technically called keywords), you may find sulekha links in the search results or you may not find appropriate links of sulekha yellow pages, classifieds or any other part. Let’s examine the search results so that you know beforehand whether your paid advertisements on sulekha will attract any customer or it will be a waste of money and efforts. Having your own website is also an option, we will discuss that after analysing the search results for your selected keywords given below.

Now let’s take the first case in which there were no links of sulekha for your keywords, then there is good percentage of chances that your potential customers will not be able to visit sulekha website and see your advertisements. I guess an appropriate decision would be to forget about sulekha website and choose another online business portal.

Let’s examine the second scenario in which you do get some links of sulekha classifieds. Yes this may be promising but wait and proceed with caution. First of all remember that sulekha will ask you to pay for full 1 year in advance and even if they do you promises about number of business leads or any other promise, they are not going to return you money back in any case. Google sulekha complaints and you will see for yourself, yes the author understands that complaints will be there for almost all business providers, but in case of sulekha , they are totally going to eat your money and you will not find anything positive about the website apart from their advertisements.

Having your own website , putting in all the related information and promoting it can also give you good business leads. Yes depending on the competition in your business area, getting your website on the top of search results might incur good amount of money. Google Advertisements is also an alternative to sulekha advertisements. I would say decide appropriately, do you homework and only then spend your efforts and money on any website like sulekha or any other business portal. Yes examining all this might require little bit of efforts, but can save you lots of efforts and money.