Advertise on Sulekha and invite problems

Yes now you can advertise on sulekha and invite problems. Yes we are not talking about only technical issues, no customer support, false number of leads, no refund policy, etc. Even if all things goes as promised by sulekha promoters, you might even invite numerous problems. In case you have read this blog’s other posts, first thought that can come to your mind is this website is telling lies, creating problem for sulekha , etc. Yes that’s correct thought, in case you are still reading let’s continue and be informed about the worse business model of sulekha advertisements and other problems that you are about to invite.


One of the advertisement options at Sulekha is to be preferred business or service provider by paying in yearly fee. In case you are planning to be preferred business provider for sulekha’s enquiries, do browse this site using the various links at the left hand side of this website. Google around sulekha complaints, read about history of sulekha website, know who visits sulekha and why do they visit the sulekha website. Yes you will find almost every thing about sulekha domains here, positive as well as negative. A Preferred business provider is promised some leads every month & every business provider is sent an sms and email whenever some enquiry comes to sulekha for corresponding categories.


The first gotcha is that you as a preferred business provider for your category will never receive as much as leads promised by sulekha. Note that Sulekha will not give you anything in writing or will tell you anything about the refund policy (as it seems they do not have any refund policy).


The second gotcha is that every business lead is forwarded to all the business providers and ofcourse the customer can make an enquiry on a holiday or at any time of day and night. Now whenever a lead is forwarded to numerous service providers, many of the business providers will call the potential customer and will offer their services at cheapest rates possible. As the customers gets to choose from various service providers, there are good chances that in order to grab the business of that particular customer, you might have to lower your rates and promise and provide best possible services. You will be required to put in efforts for luring every lead and will be required to provide the best possible service at cheapest possible rate. Yes that’s called competition, however in this case you will be spending lots of efforts and in case any lead gets converted to business, there are good chances that your profit margin will be really low.


The third gotcha in this preferred listing offering of sulekha yellowpages is that, you will receive incorrect leads as well. Many times job seekers will make an enquiry without understanding what’s the purpose of the enquiry, at other times other business providers will generate a lead and will tell you that they want to sell their services. The author has also read on internet that totally false leads were sent to business providers.


Customer Support will be available for you only untill you become a customer of sulekha and after that in case you do not get any leads as promised, the customer care of sulekha will just stop responding to your emails or telephone calls. Yes it will be difficult to find customer care number of sulekha as well. Still you do not beleive this whole thing, go ahead and be a preferred customer of sulekha and give an invitation to problems.