620 Thousand Visitors for Sulekha Classifieds

Recently i read an interview in which published on 24th Jan 2011 in cio.in which was rebublished on sulekha website. The interview was with Satya Prabhakar who is said to be President and CEO for Sulekha. There was an interesting traffic estimate about number of unique visitors per month on Sulekha which was 20 Million. Yes that’s really a great traffic estimate and yes there that sounds great. Now as a webmaster i was really interested in such website and wanted to know how do they do that??. 20 Million per month is really great stuff.

Unique Visitors to Sulekha as said by CEO and President of Sulekha

Unique Visitors to Sulekha as said by CEO and President of Sulekha

Now as i do not work for sulekha or i do not have access to google analytics they seems to be using, i wanted to check out website traffic estimation tools and started with compete.com which said that there are around known 26 sub-domains of sulekha.com, so i assume that Mr Satya Prabhakar would have said grand total number of visitors per month.

Number of unique visitors to a given domain are different and to sub domains is different. Now as all the sub domains are managed by Sulekha, i am almost sure that 20 Million unique visitors per month would be sum of unique visitors to sulekha’s main domain, sulekha classifieds, sulekha news, sulekha movies etc.

List of Domains and Sub Domains of Sulekha

List of Domains and Sub Domains of Sulekha

I visited main and sub domains of sulekha.com and found that they are displaying multiple google advertisements across all their sub domains. Google Advertisements seems to be one of the major advertisement on sulekha’s sub domains. They have created sub domains for diferent sections , for example for sulekha yellowpages or sulekha classifieds the sub domain is classifieds.sulekha.com, for news there is seperate sub domain, etc and ofcourse i could find google advertisements on these sub domains.

It seemed to me like if some small business owner would like to advertise on sulekha.com, the best bet would be to use google advertisements and target indian people. The Google advertisements are scattered all over the various domains and sub domains of sulekha.com and yes the advertisement has great chance of being displayed to above said 20 Million Visitors per month. The only problem i see here is that google advertisement can be really expensive to use depending on the competition you have to face. Yes for big companies, expenditure might not be a problem or even google might be offering them some sort of bulk discount.

There is another type of advertisement offered by sulekha classifieds which is in terms of fixed payment via banner display and preferred customer listing. They even send an sms when someone in your subscribed category comes to sulekha.com. The fee required to be paid is comparatively really less as compared to what you would spend on google advertisement and reach out to 20 Million unique visitors of Sulekha.

Yes there is a catch to sulekha classifieds low cost advertisement. Sulekha classifieds is not visited by 20 Million Visitors per month, only a small group of customers visit sulekha classifieds. Also your low cost advertisement will not be displayed on other highly visited sub domains such as sulekha news, sulekha movies, sulekha travel, etc. On these highly popular sub domains, google advertisements will be displayed, so if a user is reading about some travel destination in travel.sulekha.com and you are listed as travel agent in sulekha classifieds, this user will not be directed to your website or your sulekha profile page. So effectively, you will get a lead (only if registered as preferred business provider) from sulekha classifieds if user does not click on that google advertisement and is voluntarily interested in getting services from service providers listed on sulekha classifieds. The figure below says that only a small portion of total visitors to sulekha come to sulekha classifieds.

Number of unique visitors to sulekha classifieds

The figure above displays estimated number of visitors to sulekha classifieds as 620 thousand per month. The number of unique visitors displayed by google ad planner in the figure above is only for sulekha classifieds. The sulekha classified can be seen as low cost advertisement for small business owners. Although total visitors to sulekha was quoted as 20 Million by the CEO of Sulekha, but out of that it seems that only 620k visitors actually visit and look for some products or services from small business providers. Yes 620k is only an estimate and actual number of visitors can differ. In case you would like to explore yourself, open up google ad planner and see statistics about sulekha or sulekha classifieds yourself. Even though estimate, but it will give you an ida of how many percent of visitors to sulekha actually visit sulekha classifieds.