Address of for Consumer Complaints

Postal Address of for sending notices or consumer complaints is as given below. The given below address stands correct at the time of writing this post and author did sent a consumer complaint against at the given below address and yes received a reply from representative. They have even hired an advocate […]

Compensation from in Consumer Court

Looking forward to get compensation from ? In case yes, read on and find out how you can get compensated by or any other company. This post is specifically related to compensation from consumer court against grievances. In order to get compensation from , you have to be cheated by & […]

Ongoing Consumer Complaint

In case you have been cheated by and customer care of does not offer you help, there is a good news to you. Yes replies to complaint in consumer court. The author of this post has submitted complaint in consumer court for and yes the consumer court is hearing the plea. […]

Online Consumer Complaint for

Looking forward to file a complaint in consumer court online against or some other website ? Yes read on to know more about what you are going to do and what output you can expect from your efforts. There is no way in which you can file a online complaint to consumer court in […]

Banner Advertisement on Sulekha

Planning to advertise a Website on using a Banner ? Irrespective of the products or services offered by your or your company, this post can really educate you and help you to understand how to get the most out of your banner advertisement on or any other website. offers banner advertisements to paying customer […]

Buy from Sulekha Deals and pray to God

Looking to buy something from Sulekha Deals ? Are you supposed to start your prayers to GOD for that ? Yes it seems like Sulekha Deals is making mockery of internet shopping with their improper infrastructure. Seems like bosses at thought that we have so many visitors why not to sell products ? Yes they had […]

How to get Donations for NGO or other Non Profit Organisations

Raising Donations for Non Profit Organisations or NGOs is the easiest of running an NGO. Yes people donate and lots of people donate online using their credit card, with PayPal Account and using other means as well. Getting Donations is really easy in case you are already running a non profit organisation helping out people […]

Free Google Advertisements for NGO in India

Yes Google offers free advertisements for various organisations in India which are either Charitable Institutions, Public Charitable Trusts, or other companies under section 25 Act. In case you are working for a company registered under 25 Act, then this is the opportunity to get much needed attention from internet users. Google offers free advertisement using Google Adwords […]

BackLinks for a Website

BackLinks are a powerful Search Engine Optimisation tools to improve visibility in search engines. The word BackLinks is used to signify the links to your website on some other websites. Various Directories offer a backlink to websites for one time fee or recurring fee. When building backlinks for your website, you need to remember that […]

Website Promotion in a City

Many websites promote business services locally or may be targeted towards a particular city in a country. Let’s say you want to promote a Property Dealer in Mumbai and wondering how to go ahead about that, this post can be useful to you and can get your website good number of visitors. Promotion of a […]