Address of for Consumer Complaints

Postal Address of for sending notices or consumer complaints is as given below. The given below address stands correct at the time of writing this post and author did sent a consumer complaint against at the given below address and yes received a reply from representative. They have even hired an advocate here in Goa to represent the company in consumer court porvorim. is run by Sulekha New Media Pvt Ltd and the consumer complaints must be sent to the address : New Media Pvt Ltd, Regd Office 484 & 485 Pantheon Plaza, 4th Floor, Pantheon Road, Egmore, Chenni 6000008, India. Yes they have many other offices and there are good chances that Sulekha Customer support will not tell you the address to you. Even on their website only telephone numbers and email addresses are listed. There may be postal address of mentioned somewhere deep in the pages, but there is a little chance that you will find it.

When you submit a consumer complaint against, you not only help yourself but others who are being cheated by the company. An Online complaint against does also educates people, but seems like cannot or do not want to pay heed to online complaints. Consumer complaints if not replied by or any other company becomes criminal case after i guess 2 notices. In case you have been cheated by, the consumer court is your hope of getting justice and probably get compensated by as well.

Compensation from in Consumer Court

Looking forward to get compensation from ? In case yes, read on and find out how you can get compensated by or any other company. This post is specifically related to compensation from consumer court against grievances. In order to get compensation from , you have to be cheated by & you should be able to prove that has cheated you using documentary proofs.  In case you have been cheated by but you do not have any supporting documents, it is going to be really difficult to get compensated. Yes even with appropriate proofs, it is difficult to get compensated and without documentary proofs it is much more difficult.

So let’s say you have been cheated by may be using fake business leads, no products delivered even after payment or any other sort of advertisement money or anything else. Do you have proofs ? Let’s say you do have proofs and you have tried your best to get appropriate response from and now you want to get your money to be refunded and get compensated for your lost efforts and money. Yes there is a way to that and you can get your money refunded by and even get compensated by the company.

In order to get compensation from, there can be many ways. The first one is the consumer court which is inexpensive way and can get you appropriate justice. All you would need is patience and continuous efforts and yes there are really good chances that will give you your money back and even compensate for your efforts and problems caused by the company to you. When submitting a complaint against in consumer court and evaluating the compensation amount, do consider that fighting a case in consumer court will require repeated travelling to court, will require your efforts to draft complaint and replies to, other factors , etc and do demand a good compensation so that when in the end you do get compensated by, you would be happy that you took this tough road against

Ongoing Consumer Complaint

In case you have been cheated by and customer care of does not offer you help, there is a good news to you. Yes replies to complaint in consumer court. The author of this post has submitted complaint in consumer court for and yes the consumer court is hearing the plea. Complaint in consumer court is a long process and the complainant has to appear personally in the consumer court every time the judge gives a date. The current ongoing complaint in consumer court against has been rewarded two hearings.

In order to get compensated by in consumer court, do mention the compensation amount being sought right in the complaint submitted to consumer court. As this is going to be a long process, you might wish to consider demanding a compensation on a higher side. Yes employees are getting paid to fight for their company irrespective of what all wrong they might have done to you. will simply hire an advocate who will represent the company in consumer court. Yes you can hire an advocate as well to represent yourself in the court.

Current consumer case against is ongoing and the author received first reply from presented by a local advocate in the court. There was no discussion about the issue in the court and only one copy of the reply by was presented to the complainant and a new date was given to submit reply to that.

Will plead guily in the consumer court? Of course not, irrespective of whether they have done any cheating to you or how much mental stress or financial loss has occurred to you, will say that they are saints and have not done anything wrong. The complainant is the person who is harassing the company and will seek the case to be dismissed.

Yes author feels that consumer court ruling will go in his favour and will be asked to give a great compensation to the complainant. Is the author only person who has been cheated by or are there any other people out there who are being cheated by this Sulekha New Media Pvt Ltd having Registered office at 484 & 485 Pantheon Plaza, 4th Floor, Pantheon Road, Egmore, Chennai 6000008 ?

Online Consumer Complaint for

Looking forward to file a complaint in consumer court online against or some other website ? Yes read on to know more about what you are going to do and what output you can expect from your efforts. There is no way in which you can file a online complaint to consumer court in India by sitting on your computer. There are many websites with names like consumer court online and they provide you forums or complaint boards to submit your complaint for or any other website. In order to actually submit your complaint to the consumer court, you will have to do lots of efforts. Getting justice in case of consumer court may be easy nor difficult, but efforts are required for that, you would be required to pay the court fees and optionally you can hire a vakeel as well for representing you in the consumer court.

There is another post in this blog that tells in detail about how to file a consumer court complaint in India against or any other company running operations from an India based office. There are few benefits of submitting your complaint to websites or forums, however remember that your complaint will not actually go to the Indian Consumer Court and no judge will hear your grievance until you get up from your computer and actually file a complaint in consumer court as mentioned in the procedure outlined by the link above. Yes submitting your complaint in websites does have benefits, irrespective whether your grievance is with run by Sulekha New Media Pvt Ltd or any other company.

Online Consumer Complaint websites just provide you a free platform on which you can write your issues with the company. Consumer Court related websites mostly use the keyword consumer complaint and yes in their disclaimer, they do mention that they are not actually related with actual Consumer Complaint. Even when websites using the keyword consumer court are not affiliated or related to the physical or actual consumer court, they provide a free way to express your issues with the company who has cheated you or forced you to look for help or relief from Consumer Court of India. The very first benefit is that these Consumer Court forums publish your grievance on their website so that everybody can read including the company representatives.

Let’s say you have been cheated by and you have tried your best to communicate with representatives but all in vein. Now as long as it is between yourself / your company and representatives, nobody else is going to know about the issues you faced or the reason for which you are seeking the help of consumer court. Now in order to get justice, you have broadly two options. The first option is to write your grievance in some consumer court website, forum, etc and wait if any representative reads the complaint and reverts back to you. In case you want to know whether will revert back to you to resolve your issues, have a look at other complaints against in the consumer court forum, blog, etc. Many times companies do have separate department whose responsibility is to keep an eye on the complaints in various consumer court forums, etc. In case you do not find a reply to any existing complaint in your selected consumer court forum website, move on and find some other website on which people are submitting complaints against In case your efforts in submitting complaints in online consumer court websites do not yield results, it’s time to file a complaint in actual, physical and legal consumer court of India against

Banner Advertisement on Sulekha

Planning to advertise a Website on using a Banner ? Irrespective of the products or services offered by your or your company, this post can really educate you and help you to understand how to get the most out of your banner advertisement on or any other website. offers banner advertisements to paying customer and depending on which segment of visitors to you want to target, they may charge you differently.

Either you can trust Employees and go ahead with the Banner Advertisement, Pay them the required Money and and wait for business to come or you can take control of few things. In case you have already paid for a banner advertisement on and wondering whether actually you are getting some business from banner advertisement placed on , this post can be helpful as well. Whether you are looking forward to get a new contract with for some sort of advertisement or wondering whether you should renew any existing banner advertisement on, read on and know how you can understand what’s happening actually and how many visitors / customers are being sent to your website by

The very first thing you must have is a report to tell you how many visitors were being sent to your website from In case you do have a website and you do not receive any sort of website report displaying the number of visitors to your website, then you are seriously missing a great deal of information. Efforts / Money spent on Website Development Creation, Publicity and other type of efforts can be evaluated in a better way if you do have a report displaying the number of visitors to your website, location of visitors, whether visitor is coming from or from any other website ? In case you are going forward to buy or renew a banner advertisement with, ask to yourself, whether a website visitors report would do any good ? Will this website report help you understand  whether money spent on Sulekha Banner Advertisement is worth spending and even if you are not planning to advertise your website on , having a visitors report is worth spending efforts. Contact Us to get website report configured for your website or have a look at given below sample website report screenshots.

Given below Website Report is for Visitor Location. It actually tells lots of things about visitors to a website. First of all the website report given below tells how many visitors to the website were from India. This Website Report then drills down to the city of visitors, which in given case says that the website is had the largest number of visitors from Banglore, the visitors report then says that after Banglore, the website is popular in Chennai and so on. This Visitor Report is only for India and another page displays the number of visitors from other parts of the world. This is only one report out of many possible reports your website can give to you.

Visitor Report of a Website

Visitor Report of a Website Showing Location of Visitors

Visitors to a Website come from broadly 3 sources i.e. Search Engines, Referring Sites and Direct Visitors. Have a look at the given below website report which tells that the website receives most of the visitors from search engines. The Search Engines are Websites like Google, Bing, Yahoo and other Search Engines in which user searches for some words and then they visit the website. This type of website report is very much detailed further down and can tell you how many visitors are coming to your website from banner advertisement on . Visitors to a website can be potential customers and depending on your website design, products, services and other factors can actually become customers. A Banner Advertisement on or any other website can only give you visitors. In case you do have a banner advertisemnt running on, do you know how many visitor the banner is sending to your website ? In case you do not have an idea of the number of visitors to your website, a report can tell you whether to renew your advertisement with or look for some better place to advertise your website.

Traffic Sources for a Website

Report Displaying Number of Visitors to a Website and identifying Sources

These Website Reports are now a days really sophisticated and can help you make advertising decisions. In case you are spending on website advertisement, these types of website reports are worth spending time and efforts. Lots of companies like BuySellAds tells you how many times your banner will be displayed and charge you on a monthly basis. A well informed advertising decision can save you lots of time and efforts and of-course can give you great deal of business. may be having some sophisticated reports as well about number of times your banner was displayed and how many visitors were sent to your website from your banner advertisement. In case does not have such banner report, you can get above website analysis reports integrated to your website and take full control of your advertisement efforts and money spent.


Buy from Sulekha Deals and pray to God

Looking to buy something from Sulekha Deals ? Are you supposed to start your prayers to GOD for that ? Yes it seems like Sulekha Deals is making mockery of internet shopping with their improper infrastructure. Seems like bosses at thought that we have so many visitors why not to sell products ? Yes they had a great idea due to which they decided to launch Sulekha Deals but seems like they failed to pay due consideration to the idea and they still following the year old idea.

The first shocking thing you will notice when buying any product from Sulekha Deals is that they are offering 100% refund in case they fail to ship the order uptill a specified date. Does Sulekha Deals partners have those products or they are just bluffing ? In case they are not sure, whether they will be able to deliver the products, why they are selling the products ? Another shocking information you can get about Sulekha Deals is that is not the one who is selling products, actually some vendor(s) whose names and identities are hidden are delivering the products according to the Sulekha Deals terms and conditions.

Sulekha Deals is something like pay the money, will try to find out whether they can send you the products, you keep on waiting (and may be start your prayers to God), keep on waiting and expecting that your items bought on will arrive. In case vendor(s) of are not able to deliver the products you bought or may be they do not have that particular item in their stock or may be something else, you will be given your money back. Yes the author might be incorrect in guessing the sales & service policy or Sulekha Deals, but could not have courage to actually order an item from sulekha deals.

Author prefers a vendor who tells that whether the product is in stock or not. It is not a good idea to just accept orders and then look whether there are products in stock which have been sold already. As of on this date, Sulekha Deals is not displaying any information whether a product is in stock or not, they neither disclose the identity of the actual vendor atleast before making the purchase, no user comments are there about any given product or what experience he / she had by shopping on sulekha deals or even review about a given product. Yes these small things can be really helpful when doing online shopping.

Other Online Shopping Websites (FlipKart, etc) are much more sophisticated. Most of the websites tell how many items of a given product are in stock, what are the deliver time scales, they even display reviews from actual users or even from people who bought the item. As we do not get a face to face chat with Online Vendors and many times we may not know from which physical location, they are going to send us the products, information about availability of the products is really necessary information when doing online shopping.

An Online Shopping Website which tells upfront that yes they have the product in stock and it will reach your address in a predetermined duration is much more better than site such as Sulekha Deals which seems to be saying like, buy the product and if not delivered, take back you money, you have wasted your time and efforts, now either forget about that product or buy it from somewhere else.

There is probably another gotcha with Sulekha Deals. Yes the author is not sure about that, but it was there on’s terms and conditions. Do visit Terms and Conditions of the Sulekha Deals (Open any product offered by Sulekha Deals, navigate to the bottom of the page and locate the Terms and Condition Link) and search for the word Voucher. As per author’s understanding (yes i may be wrong, take your own decision on that or call Sulekha Customer Care for confirmation) Sulekha Deals is accepting Money and in return is giving you some virtual entity named as Voucher. In case the last line of this paragraph stands true, then legally speaking you are paying money to sulekha deals and buying voucher. No idea about what a voucher is on Sulekha Deals, but later the terms and conditions of Sulekha Deals say that the buyer is responsible to redeem that voucher against some product(s) from the seller. Now who is the Seller on Sulekha Deals ? Author could not find information about this mysterious Seller on Sulekha Deals. These legal words save in case something goes wrong with the purchase made on sulekha deals, but puts the buyer in jeopardy. In case there would have been information about Seller on Sulekha Deals & user(s) review about the products sold by this buyer, the buyer would had a chance to decide whether to buy from a given vendor or not .

Online Shopping has evolved a lot from what it was few years back. Now a days most websites sell their products with confidence, provide interaction between buyer and seller, display user review about the seller or products, provide cash on deliver, provide dedicated customer support, many websites provide related information information, suggests related products, tell clearly whether a given product is on stock or not before making the purchase and lots of advanced features that actually help shopping online. Looking for Sulekha Deals Alternative for well informed online shopping or you would go ahead with offered Deals ?

How to get Donations for NGO or other Non Profit Organisations

Raising Donations for Non Profit Organisations or NGOs is the easiest of running an NGO. Yes people donate and lots of people donate online using their credit card, with PayPal Account and using other means as well. Getting Donations is really easy in case you are already running a non profit organisation helping out people or supporting some cause or anything else like that. In order to accept donations, all you need to do is reach out to people who donate. Whether you are looking forward to get donations for your NGO running in India or any other country, online donations are well supported by Governments and even Private Companies.

In case your organisation is indeed registered as a Non Government Organisation working for the community, the task of halfway done for accepting online donations. Just remember yes there are generous people and people out there in the world who actual care about helping others. Helping out people like helping poor people, imparting education, creating awareness and anything else does requires time, efforts and money. As an organisation in case if you are spending time and efforts, money can really flow in from people across the globe who do want to help out, but cannot spend time and efforts for your organisation.

Has your organisation got a website or even data collected which can portray what your organisation is doing to help out the community ? People who donate online sitting on their computers must be told what your non profit organisation or charitable organisation is doing, rough idea of how much money do you need, what you are going to do with the money, etc. Putting all that information on a website can let people know about the efforts you or your organisation is putting into.

Once you do have a website containing information about your NGO or other charitable organisation, getting donations is really easy. Every Website needs publicity and a way by which it can reach out to people willing to donate. Yes as you read this post, lots of money is being donated by people from across the globe. A Search Engine Optimised Website can get your lots of visitors and out of those visitors many people will donate. In simple words, more the number of visitors to your Non Profit Organisation or NGO, more the number of people willing to donate for the cause supported by your organisation and finally your organisation can get the required funds to carry out it’s operations and acceptance from people across the globe.

There are lots of Private Companies that are willing to support your organisation. Let’s start with the best search engine named as Google. Yes Google supports Non Profit Organisations, Non Government Organisations, Charitable Institutions in creating awareness.  Google Grants is the program run for helping out Organisations by Google. It provides free google advertisements every month to a maximum of $ 40,000 depending on the country of your organisation. In case your organisation is Registered in India, Google offers Free Advertisements for NGO, Non Profit Organisations, etc and of around 1.5 Lakh every month.

Once your organisation has been accepted for Google Grants, you would need a Payment Gateway Service for accepting Online Donations. Payment Gateways provide the functionality to accept online payments on your website and they charge a nominal fee on a per donation basis. Google Checkout is one such payment gateway which you can opt for. For NGOs or other Charitable Organisations registered in India, Google Checkout is not current available as Google Checkout has not been yet launched in India for business owners , websites, etc. There are some reports that Google Checkout is being launched in India in collaboration with TimesOfMoney. Indian NGOs or other Non Profit Organisations can accept donations using other Payment Gateways such as PayPal (Allows Only International Donations) which offers really low transaction fees for NGOs  and other organisations which are legally registered.

In many countries including India, Individuals and Companies get Tax Exemption for making donations. Many people have surplus money which they like to donate, many people just want to support their community and there are many more reasons for which people donate. In case you would like to have the functionality of accepting Online Donations on your existing or new website, do contact us and we can setup a search engine optimised website and get your organisation’s work communicated to the whole world. There is lots of monetary help available for Non Profit Organisations, NGO and other organisation and all you need to do is reach out people, have appropriate technical support and yes donations will arrive in your banks automatically.

Free Google Advertisements for NGO in India

Yes Google offers free advertisements for various organisations in India which are either Charitable Institutions, Public Charitable Trusts, or other companies under section 25 Act. In case you are working for a company registered under 25 Act, then this is the opportunity to get much needed attention from internet users. Google offers free advertisement using Google Adwords and the amount is around $ 3000 or around Rs 1.5 Lakhs per month. Yes that’s a really big amount and can be utilised to get people involved with your organisation for various community services for poor or other needy people in India.

Charitable Institutions help community in a great way and seems like Google is doing it’s bit really well. Advertisements on Google amounting to Rs 1.5 Lakhs and that too every month can significantly help your institution. Awareness about your organisation and help from people all across the globe can be seriously utilised in a brilliant way. You can accept online donations, get volunteers for various tasks, allow donors to enjoy the tax benefits of the donations, reach out to the whole world and much more. Getting Google Grant is totally free to apply and in case your organisation does fulfils the required legal formalities, you will never have to look for spending money on advertisements and can concentrate on activities done by your organisation.

In case your organisation is facing issues related to money, then this can be a really big time opportunity to get noticed not only in India but on a global level. There are lots of Indians all across the globe who donate for charitable events and organisations. Free Advertisements on Google for NGOs and other Organisations can do wonders for your company. This can help people looking forward to donate to India or Indian Organisation, can help the organisation to expand their community tasks and ofcourse when visitors come to your website, you can convey your own messages to them. Google Grants is a really big opportunity to get noticed and is one of the easiest ways to raise money for good cause. There are private companies like which provide publicity or help to only rich organisations, however google is not doing any sort of partiality for rich or poor organisations. Search for Google Grants and check out whether your organisation can get the grant for free, let your organisation be noticed, reach out to people willing to help or donate and carry out the cause served by your organisation to help your community from India, America, France or any other place in the world. In case you would like to get some technical help in applying for this Grant for your Organisation or for managing the Google Adwords campaign, you can contact us and we can provide all the related facilities for your organisation and your website.

BackLinks for a Website

BackLinks are a powerful Search Engine Optimisation tools to improve visibility in search engines. The word BackLinks is used to signify the links to your website on some other websites. Various Directories offer a backlink to websites for one time fee or recurring fee. When building backlinks for your website, you need to remember that all backlinks are not the same. Backlinks from website with content related to your website can significantly improve organic search results. Depending on the website you are promoting finding websites willing to give your website links can be a challenging task. Links from unrelated websites can be good as well but preferably get links from websites with content related to your website or products.

Let’s take an example of thie website. This website has lots of SEO related stuff and related to website. Now in case any Search Engine Optimisation Related website places links to this website or provides a link to this website, it can do really wonders for organic search results of this website. Many websites provide links to other website as reference for content written on a given website.

As this website is a wordpress blog, many websites run Blog Directory which allows website submission and they provide backlinks to the participating websites. Yes this website has been submitted to various blog directories and other related websites and in case you can find this website on google search results for specific keywords, others can find it too for Search Engine Optimisation related information or in case they are looking for review or something else related to

Website Promotion in a City

Many websites promote business services locally or may be targeted towards a particular city in a country. Let’s say you want to promote a Property Dealer in Mumbai and wondering how to go ahead about that, this post can be useful to you and can get your website good number of visitors. Promotion of a Property Dealer website is taken as an example as a property dealer will be more interested in a specific city as compared to getting visitors from whole world or even whole country. Yes visitors from other cities or even other countries can give business to the property dealer, however local business can be really fast and can give instant results. Remember that property dealer website is just an example to discuss search engine optimisation techniques applicable for getting more visitors locally.

A Website which needs to be promoted in a specific city of a country will contain related words and this is how google or any other search engine may give preference to such as website. Taking our property dealer example in mumbai further, your website will contain information about related words such as flat to rent in new mumbai, plot for sale in dadar, hot property in Lokhandwala, etc. These and other related words will tell the search engine that your website might be having something that a person is searching for (e.g. Buy Plot in Mumbai). Apart from adding related keywords to your website, it is always best to add your business information on Google Local. The business listings on google local are displayed above organic search results and a person looking for a property dealer in specific city would be much more inclined towards visiting your website from Google Local as it is on the top of search results.

Websites targeted towards a a specific country are often marked with Geo Tag in the website source and the preferred geographical location must be set in Google Webmaster Tools. Appropriate Website Content, Incoming Links towards your website and other Search Engine Optimisation techniques can do magic for your website even if your website has no visitors currently. Age of a Website also plays an important role in getting more visitors to your website from google organic search results. You can also Contact Us to promote your website on internet, start accepting online payments, fixing any issues in your website and ofcourse for doing the Search Engine Optimisation for your single or multiple websites.